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Welcome to AALPD

AALPD Preconference at AAACE - Canceled due to low registration.


Teaching ASE Writing with Supplementary Online Videos Webinar

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The Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers (AALPD) is a national group for professional developers in adult literacy. An affiliate of COABE (Commission on Adult Basic Education), AALPD meets at COABE Conferences and other professional development events.
Learn about the AALPD Priorities that are guiding AALPD and see the AALPD Issue Papers that detail AALPD’s positions on professional development issues. Identify ways you can become involved.


The purposes of AALPD are:

  • To build a network of professional developers to share information and communicate fresh ideas and promising practices;
  • To provide professional development for professional developers based on their needs and interest;
  • To contribute the voice of the field to shaping policy initiatives.
AALPD uses Evidence Based-Professional Development and conference presentations to create a network of individuals interested in professional development in adult literacy.
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For more information on AALPD, please contact:
Jeff Fantine,AALPD Chair or send an email to: AALPD Membership